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Investing through volatile times

Anyone who reads the papers or watches the news knows that the world’s economies are going through a period of uncertainty. It’s natural at these times for investors to get twitchy, which only serves to make the situation even less predictable.....

Missing Millions

Savers Have Mislaid Millions of Pounds in Old Pension Pots.

If you have changed jobs during your career, you.....



What will my State Pension be worth

Most people will know how much a newspaper costs, what their monthly mobile phone bill is and how much it costs to fill up their car but do they know how much their State Pension will be?

How well do you know your inner investor

Beware of Behavioural Bias Being human means we are all susceptible to behavioural biases which can result in us being our own worst enemy when it comes to investing.


Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency everyone is talking about. It has seen spectacular price rises and falls in in recent months, with huge numbers of people seemingly keen to make a quick profit off the back of its huge volatility

Auto Enrolment

The Financial Times this morning provided the following news:

“An industry watchdog is considering a review over concerns that employees are unwittingly being enrolled into workplace pensions in which they are unable to claim the tax relief they are entitled to.

The Pensions Regulator said there was a need to look at what employers are disclosing to staff who are automatically enrolled into workplace pensions which operate on a “net pay” basis.”

If as an employer this makes no sense then do yourself a favour, call the The Pension Administrator. But please do it sooner rather than later


State Pension Top Up

The State Pension is currently £115.95 per week, and the current spend on the State Pension is about £100billion a year. While inflation is currently -0.1%; the State Pension is currently growing at 2.5%. From April 2016, the new basic state pension will be £151 per week but you will need to have 35 yearsContinue Reading


Attended a talk on helping vulnerable clients recently and was interested to hear that: Two out of five people would have to think about how to cover an unexpected bill of just £300.  (Money Advice Services) Back in 2013 MacMillan Cancer Support indicated that by 2020 almost 1 in 2 people (47%) will get cancerContinue Reading

Auto Enrolment

For those employers who may have received letters from The Pension Regulator and are wondering what to do, here is some information you may find useful. If you have workers who do not pay tax, then a pension scheme that allows pension contributions on a “relief at source” basis might be better. But on the other handContinue Reading

Limited Liability Partnerships: Auto Enrolment

As an extract from the latest report from The Pensions Regulator on Compliance and Enforcement: “On 22 May 2014 the Supreme Court ruled in Clyde & Co LLP v Bates van Winklehof that a partner of a Limited Liability Partnership was a ‘worker’ under the Employment Rights Act 1996 (the ERA). Prior to this ruling,Continue Reading