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Sole Trader

A sole trader is the simplest structure of running a business. The legal entity is the individual person and the business is inseparable to the person that who owns it.

According the Office of National Statistics there are now over 4m people registered as self-employed in the UK and the figure has recently hit a 20 year high.

Most businesses begin as a ‘one-man’ band working from home and many self employed people choose to keep it this way. Other sole trader-businesses develop into more substantial operations; employing people, owning business premises, branching out into different activities and perhaps consider incorporating into limited companies.

If you are self-employed happily working on your own or a sole trader operating a growing business, here at TNWFS we can help you with you all your financial planning needs. We can advise you on:-

Income Protection

Key Person and Auto-enrolment for employees

Retirement Planning

Business & Liability insurance