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TNWFS for your Business

If you are looking to expand, protect, review or maintain your business we can offer recommendations that may save or make you money.

In order for your business to expand and grow it is vital that provisions are put in place for you to safeguard your business against a number of elements.

We can help you to determine the most important areas for you to focus on and provide independent advice for your business and personal finances.

Such areas may include;

  • Business Protection
  • Shareholder Protection (ensure the business can continue to be run by experienced individuals whilst also ensuring the spouse/family of the deceased partner obtain their appropriate value from the business)
  • Partnership Protection (did you know that if a partner dies then the partnership ceases immediately causing a multitude of problems for the surviving partner(s). This can be planned for in advance to minimise the problems caused)
  • Keyman Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Critical Illness
  • Group Personal Pension Schemes
  • Group Life Cover
  • Employee benefit schemes

Compulsory employer sponsored pension schemes are due to start in 2012, this is called auto-enrolement into which both employers and employees are expected to contribute. Don’t leave it until then to make the change. Plan ahead now and avoid a payment shock.

We also have access to services for writing business agreements if required.